Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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As the announcement above says, I've started working for Advaiya just this week as the Lead Sr PM for BPOS.

Really looking forward to a new gig and greatly expanding my activity in the public area. When I joined Microsoft 5 years ago, I had been an IIS MVP for 3 years and was having a good time speaking at events, writing, and running Then I joined Microsoft to be their IIS 7 Technical Evangelist. What could be better! Working with Bill Staples and the IIS team to launch IIS 7 was real blast and I learn soooo much about IIS. But that pales in comparison to participating in truly worldwide projects as a key contributor, like the Hosting Roadshow that happened around the Windows Server 2008 launch. I wrote all the labs and taught at a few of these live, hands on labs events with 100 plus people at events worldwide.
Shortly after that, my team was moved to the Online Services group and I worked on Eron Kelly’s team the last 3 years producing content to support BPOS Partner technical readiness. Most of the content you find at but is restricted to Microsoft Partners. I’ve been working closely with many teams at Microsoft on the current and future platforms for BPOS and produce 5 classes which can be found at Partner Learning Center. 
While it’s great to be in the mix on these new products and services, I miss speaking and producing content that is more widely accessible. Hopefully, I can start to write for Windows IT Pro Magazine again where I used to have regular columns, as well as pick up some speaking engagements  on Cloud Services or the web platform.
Expect to see frequent changes on this blog site as I mess around with some ideas and start to populate the content. I wanted to get something going right away rather than wait till it’s fully built out. Yes I know there a million blogs that have one post like this and nothing else, but this really is just a start, so sign up for the feed.

Brett Hill

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