Thursday, January 18, 2018

by Brett

Microsoft has been publishing the Service Descriptions for BPOS for a couple of years and they are required reading for anyone interested in BPOS.

However, each SD had it's on link ot TechNet downloads requiring you to locate each individually.

The SDs are now consolidated into a single download location so you only need to keep one URL handy::

By consolodating these, it makes it much easier to locate the core service descriptions. What you may find suprising is that there are service descriptions listed here that you probably didn't know about including:

  • Microsoft Online Services Support and Service Management Service Description
  • Microsoft Online Services Enterprise Network Services Overview
  • Microsoft Online Services Macintosh Support Service Description

Also note that the Live Meeting SD is not about Live Meeting standard offered with BPOS-S, it is about the stand alone Live Meeting service.

Brett Hill

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