Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Last week we started a new segment on the Microsoft Online Services Team Blog that summarizes the week in BPOS news. My first story covers the on-going debate of Microsoft Online Services vs. Google Apps, while the second piece is a “brain dump” after using and researching Microsoft Online Services for over a year.

  • Why are Partners Leaving Google Apps?
  • Microsoft BPOS – offering up some thoughts after one year of research.

Why are Partners Leaving Google Apps?

The Why Microsoft blog updates their latest post with information about why Partners are leaving Google Apps. They take a look at this week’s announcement from Capgemini, who has formed a new alliance with Microsoft to market and deliver BPOS.





The article also takes a closer look at other companies turning to BPOS including C10, Champion Solutions Group and BitTitan. There is an embedded video at the end of the post to nicely wrap things up.

Microsoft BPOS – offering up some thoughts after one year of research.

I was browsing around our twitter account (@MSOnline) when I saw Gary (@gazcoop) tweet “Brain dumping my thoughts on Microsoft BPOS. Will have posterous article ready soon-ish....” I immediately became curious and couldn’t wait to see what he was going to write. After inquiring about the post, he wrote back:

clip_image003 clip_image004

In Gary’s post, he outlines his experience of using BPOS over the past year, warts and all. He runs the gambit of a user’s experience with BPOS starting with explaining what BPOS is, to giving his input on the pricing structure. He concludes the post with a lengthy summary that provides great insight from a user’s perspective. Thanks Gary!

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