Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Written by: Geeman Yip, CEO, BitTitan

Moving your company to the cloud is like moving to a new home.  You need to find the right home, move your personal effects, notify your friends of your new address and hope there aren’t too many home repairs that need to be made.  This is a move that you’re only going to want to do once.

When trying to find the right service provider, there are many factors to consider including cost (non-refundable charges, monthly recurring charges, migration costs, training, and support costs), service features, and the ability to move off the service.  There are many service providers available, but the two biggest players are Google and Microsoft.

Cost is probably the biggest factor when companies choose a service provider.  Unfortunately, most companies only look at the hard costs involved.  Soft costs can add up quickly and sometimes exceed a years’ worth of service if you’re not careful.  For example, the whole reason why you’re moving to the cloud in the first place is because you realize that it’s going to lower your operational costs.  The quicker you move there, the quicker you can realize those gains.  Maintaining two independent systems can be very costly if you bring in outside help and time consuming on your own IT staff.  The shorter you can make that co-existence period, the less money you will spend and the quicker you will realize your decision to move to the cloud.  A self-service product like MigrationWiz can make your move painless and help you realize those gains quickly.

Service features are often overlooked by companies.  Choose a service that fits your business needs, one that is secure, reliable and has the ability to grow with you.  Google Apps was designed for consumers, not businesses.  Microsoft employs the same software that Fortune 500 companies around the world use for companies of all sizes.  No matter if you are a one person company or a worldwide organization, Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite can meet your immediate and future needs with its proven communications and collaboration platform.

Finally, know that moving your company to the cloud with Microsoft doesn’t mean you’re locked in forever.  Moving off Microsoft Online Services is just as painless.  MigrationWiz can move you back to your on-premise Exchange Server if you’re ever dissatisfied.

At BitTitan, we not only think Microsoft is the clear choice, but we’re betting our business on it.  Our strategic decision to support Microsoft Online Services and on premises solutions has propelled us to a global status with partners and customers in over 50 countries.  Microsoft is the clear choice as a partner and platform to bet on!


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