Tuesday, January 16, 2018

by Brett

O365TeamBlogMicrosoft has announced updates to the BPOS service that will be deployed by the end of this month. Microsoft doesn’t announce specific dates as to when the updates will be online as it will vary depending on what data center you are in and possibly even more granular than that – what cluster your servers are on – so it starts to get complicated to say reliably that a specific feature will be updated on a specific date for a specific person.

That said, I think it’s pretty remarkable they are getting any updates at all pushed out since they are more or less fully occupied with Office 365. As a result, if there are updates released, you can bet that they are focused on relieving support calls that require escalation events.  Prior to these PowerShell commands, that’s what happened – you had to call support to enable POP on a per user basis.  Yikes.

Where do you get these powershell updates? It is entirely unobvious that theses administrative commands are packaged with the Microsoft Online Migration Tool. At least, to date – that’s the way all the administrative powershell commands have been packaged. So, when the commands are function, you will need to download and install the tool in order to updated your commands.

Awkard. But the backstory helps to clarify a bit.  When BPOS was first released, there were no administrative PowerShell commands at all. When they did release them, they needed a vehicle for shipping them and the Migration Tool had a ready made PowerShell environment that was perfect in many ways for adding the admin commands to. This made it quite a bit easier for the team to get the commands out faster.  So now, even if you don’t want to migrate mail, you have to download the Migration Tool in order to get the administrative PowerShell commands.

Updates include:

  • Microsoft Online Services Blackberry Administration Console Enhancements
  • PowerShell Self-Service Administration for Forwarding Rules and POP Access
  • Updated Versions of Live Meeting Client and Outlook Add-In
  • Messaging Records Management – new policies applied to mailbox capacity metrics

Brett Hill

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