Wednesday, January 17, 2018

by host

Apple and Microsoft have had an interesting relationship throughout the years. Some see them as strict competitors, but others point to their working synergy. Microsoft has supported Apple computers with software, especially through the Microsoft office and business suite applications. Today we take a look at the Microsoft Online Services experience on a Macintosh.

I was able to sit down with Christine Hang, Program Manager at Microsoft BPOS, who focuses on Apple computers and their compatibility with Microsoft Online Services. In the video below, Christine walks us through the BPOS experience for Apple users. This detailed walkthrough demonstrates the Mac’s ability to run Microsoft Online Services seamlessly from the Apple platform. For the second half of the video I sit down with Christine and ask her some questions about her everyday job. I also check in on an important issue that I have received multiple times from the community, “When can users expect an OCS client for Mac?”

Brett Hill

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