Thursday, January 18, 2018

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This is the fourth installation of This Week in BPOS News. We have four stories this week that summarize the news and events for Microsoft Online Services and cloud computing.

Kentucky Department of Education Chooses Microsoft Live@edu


Our first story comes from the beautiful state of Kentucky where they have just made history. The state of Kentucky instituted the largest and fastest cloud deployment ever, with more than 700,000 people making the move. Below is a highlight from the statement from Chuck Austin, Product Manager for the Kentucky department of education:

“We support more than 700,000 students, faculty and staff, and the move to Live@edu helps us avoid some $6.3 million in costs over four years we’d otherwise have to make to upgrade and maintain our previous system.”

This is an exciting time for collaboration and innovation within the education system in the United States. Congratulations Kentucky and we hope you prove to be a blazing example of education merging with technology and online collaboration.

Peru: Romero Group switches to new Microsoft Online Suite


In our second story we travel further south to Peru. Microsoft Peru made the Romero Group the first big user of the Microsoft Online Services Suite called BPOS. The Ramiro Group has 5,000 users from across 24 companies that will now have access to BPOS. Paolo Sacchi, Vice President of Corporate Finance, said that the Ramiro Group chose Microsoft Online Services from amongst three services providers including Google.

Dhruvsoft announces partnership with Microsoft for Microsoft Online Services


In our third story we look at an announcement from Dhruvsoft in India about partnering with Microsoft Online Services. Dhruvsoft will now be able to deliver the “complete value of Microsoft Online Services for users in India.” We are glad to see BPOS extend its global reach and introduce a new level of productivity to the world.

Microsoft Roundup: Office, SharePoint 2010 Launch


In our fourth story takes a page from our blogging playbook with a Microsoft Roundup. The post walks us through Microsoft’s recent releases of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. These products are cloud-based which sticks true to Microsoft’s commitment of being “all in” with the cloud. The article brushes on what the competition is doing in the space and dives deeper into how Microsoft is approaching the same cloud.

“By putting its major productivity and collaborative apps in the cloud, Microsoft not only takes aim at Google Apps, but takes an evolutionary step forward.”

The quote above from the article summarizes Microsoft’s approach this week in BPOS news. Microsoft is fully committed to the cloud and we are excited to take you for the ride.

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