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Today’s blog post is a customer story written by Helen Campbell from LEX On Demand. You can view other customer stories from our blog here. Do you have a story to share? Let us know and we may feature your customer story on our blog.

LEX On Demand is a leading provider of litigation and eDiscovery solutions to the legal and corporate communities. It is a demanding environment requiring handling very large amounts of electronic documents in very short timescales. We have been using BPOS now for nearly five months and it has been a very positive experience.

At the end of 2009 we realized we needed to find a solution to an aging email server whose hardware had started to become temperamental. We are a very email intensive company with a client base who often requires 24x7 support and assistance. Any email down-time at all is a business disaster. At the same time, a quick calculation of the cost of replacing the hardware, upgrading the software and the technical resource needed to do the migration, revealed it was going to be a very expensive operation. We started to look at hosted solutions.

At the same time, we were also searching for options other than WebEx to enable our Team to communicate more effectively with clients. For example, we often need to demonstrate solutions, train clients or troubleshoot a problem. WebEx was expensive and had to be restricted to a couple of accounts. We needed everyone on the Team: sales, project management and technical operations – to be able to set up a meeting and to be able to have multiple meetings going on at the same time.

After reviewing a variety of hosted solutions, we ended up choosing Microsoft BPOS because it not only provides a very cost-effective email solution running on the latest versions of Exchange but the package also included Office Live Meeting, Office Communicator (we were already big users of Live Messenger) and Sharepoint (supplementing an already substantial internal Sharepoint set-up for managing projects and project documentation).

The biggest selling point however – and what made BPOS stand out from all the other hosting services – was the coexistence option. Being able to migrate mailboxes keeping both the in premise email server and BPOS running until everyone was moved over was huge! No down time whatsoever and our technical team was able to spread the transfer across several weekends, moving groups of mail boxes at a time, which made it a much easier operation to accomplish. We had some minor hiccups getting everyone’s mobile devices linked to the new system – we support a wide range from iPhones to Blackberrys but our technical staff was able to find useful advice online.

Five months later, and Dave Tomashefski – President and CEO of LEX On Demand – is wondering why we didn’t make the move sooner! We love the enhanced features in Outlook 2007 and OWA 2007 and can’t wait for the release of 2010. Our improved ability to communicate with our clients using LiveMeeting has also made a significant difference. We are now looking at ways to enhance communication among the sales team using the hosted Sharepoint as well as possibly adopting hosted Microsoft CRM.

For a service business like LEX, the key to any technology is whether it enables us to provide world-class, quality service to our clients. BPOS has certainly done that. To quote Moin Peera, LEX’s Director of eDiscovery Technologies, “BPOS has enabled us to provide superior support and service to our clients where ever they are, whatever the time of day.”

As a service business that needs to be available to its clients 24x7 as well as communicate internally to coordinate effort to deliver that service, the reliability and functionality of BPOS have been exactly what we need at a very affordable price-point.

Helen Campbell
LEX On Demand
Email: hcampbell@lexondemand.com

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