Thursday, January 18, 2018

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In a recent post we asked How do you use your smart phone with Microsoft Online Services? We have received an outstanding response and want to let you know that we are listening. The Microsoft Online Services product team has carefully reviewed all the feedback posted.

First of all, thank you to everyone who posted comments on our blog. We take customer feedback seriously and your responses provide crucial insight that our engineering teams use to improve our products.

We’ve been considering the possibility of enabling some Administrative tasks from smart phones. See the list below for some possible examples. Please help us prioritize this list and let us know if there are any other basic Administrative functions that you’d like us to consider enabling.

Feature List- Actions to Accomplish on Your Phone:

  1. Reset user passwords
  2. View the status of your services
  3. Create and view the status of service requests
  4. Block or remove a user
  5. Add a user
  6. Assign new user licenses

Not every feature request is listed above and if you don’t see an item that addresses your needs, please let us know. Feedback on the importance of the items on the list above or on the individual features themselves will greatly help our BPOS team. Thank you again for helping us improve your smart phone experience with Microsoft Online Services. Please provide us your feedback by commenting on this blog post below or emailing our community mailbox.

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