Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Office 365 Connector for SBS Released (Beta)

by Brett

There is some big news today with the release of the Office 365 service connector for SBS essentials.

The SBS team has been busy creating some tools for SBS Essentials that include features like bulk user creation and get this - Password synchronization.  I just wish that password synchronization was a service available to all users of AD. Why it's not is a complete mystery to me as Microsoft knows how to do this, but just doesn't. (AD-FS is a good answer for enterprises, but not for the massive small business market).

The connector also includes (quoted from the blog entry below)

  • Subscribe to Office 365 or configure the server to use an existing subscription.
  • Perform the following Office 365 account management tasks from the Dashboard:
    • Bulk create Office 365 accounts for network user accounts.
    • Assign new or existing Office 365 accounts to network user accounts.
    • Manage the Office 365 account assigned to a user account throughout the lifecycle of the user account. For example, deactivating a network user account also deactivates the Office 365 account that is assigned to the user account.
  • Synchronize passwords for network user accounts and Office 365 accounts. This allows network users to sign in to Office 365 using their Windows password.
  • Link a professional Internet domain that you have set up on Window SBS to Office 365.
  • View information about your Office 365 subscription.
  • Access your Office 365 management portal from the Office 365 page of the server Dashboard.

    Kudos to the SBS team. Hopefully they'll extend the reach futher with more integrations in the future.
  • Brett Hill

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