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This week in BPOS news is a recurring segment on the Microsoft Online Services Blog that covers news from all sectors of Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Online Services business suite known as Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). You can read all past This Week in BPOS News segments here.

This week we take a look at two cloud computing stories including a Federal Government sector and more businesses turning to the cloud.

1. Microsoft, Google Vie to Sell U.S. Cloud Mail

A new front has opened in the battle between Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.: selling Web-based email and other software to the federal government.”

It is no secret that Microsoft and Google have been competitors across several spaces including search, operating systems and browsers, but the competition that may be heating up the most is the battle for the Cloud. Google and Microsoft are both intense competitors that want a stake at being the Cloud service provider for the U.S. federal government wing called the General Services Administration or the GSA. There are around 15,000 employee email accounts up for grabs, which is a considerable purse for the victor.


Both Microsoft and Google have to prove that they are worthy of housing and hosting the GSA’s important documents and emails in the cloud. There are strict certifications that need to be passed by both companies. This article from the Wall Street Journal outlines the problems that both companies need to resolve in order to become the front runner for this contract.

The GSA’s cloud opportunity has many news sources and interested cloud computing parties following closely. This is a big event that may help shape the future of cloud service providers and certification. Which company is right for this contract? Who should host the GSA’s cloud? Leave your comments below.

2. More Businesses Turn to Cloud


This article walks the reader through a Mimecast survey that has recently found that more businesses are tuning to the cloud. More businesses are now using “some element of cloud computing.” More than half of enterprises from the survey have already started using to some form of the cloud, while 2/3rds of businesses are thinking of adopting cloud computing. There is one flag of caution that comes from this survey, cloud security concerns still remain.

Almost 2/3rds of survey takers think that cloud computing possess a potential security risk. About 3 out of 4 people said there is a “trade-off between cost and IT security.” While there is concern about cloud security, over half of the survey participants say that moving to the cloud has “actually improved security.”

You can read more about this great study taken by Mimecast here. What numbers stood out to you? Were you surprised by any part of the survey results? Are you moving to the cloud? Do you have security concerns? Leave a comment below.

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