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Working on the community team at Microsoft Online Services allows me to interact and communicate with users of Online Cloud Services like our Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The most satisfying moments of my job are when individuals reach out to the team and proclaim how the introduction of the cloud into their company has improved their overall jobs. The most recent conversation I had was with Twitter user Ravinar. He told me about his move to Microsoft Online Services and his increase in productivity through BPOS and the elimination of on-premises servers at his company. He sent me a picture of the space his company is saving on their server rack and wanted to see how others are increasing productivity and collaboration with Microsoft’s cloud.

So we ask you, Show us How Microsoft Online Services has improved your company and job through the Microsoft Cloud and BPOS collaboration software. Here is a brief list of picture ideas:

  • Pictures of replaced on-premises servers
  • Pictures of your people collaborating using Microsoft Online Services
  • Pictures of work stations using the cloud
  • Other ideas??

Along with the pictures, include your name, company, location and a brief description.



Description: We moved Exchange and SharePoint into Microsoft Online Services and look at the space in our server rack :) Name: Ravi Nar Company: Location: Windsor, UK


Description: This is a picture of me collaborating with another me! Name: Josh Topal Company: Microsoft Location: Redmond, WA.

OK. You’ve seen some photos of our cloud; let us see how you’re using BPOS. Be as creative as you want with these images. We’ll select the best ones to feature on this blog and in an album on our Facebook page.

How to submit a picture

Submit your pictures to our Facebook Page Wall by selecting “Photo” and attaching your picture (see image below).


You can also submit your picture via twitter. Use a free twitter picture service such as yfrog or twitpic, and send us an “at reply” on twitter to @MSOnline with the link to your photo.

Thanks for participating and we can’t wait to see how you use the cloud.

Have questions about this contest? Leave a comment below or you can contact us by sending an email to our community mailbox. Alert us on Twitter and or our Facebook page.

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