Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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What is MOSBAC? It stands for the Microsoft Online Services BlackBerry Administration Center. MOSBAC is an extension to the existing Microsoft Online Services Administration Center that focuses on controlling BlackBerry licensees for your BPOS users. With MOSBAC you can fulfill the following scenarios:

  • Provisioning and removing BlackBerry access for new or existing BPOS users.
  • Assigning BlackBerry IT policies to Hosted BlackBerry users.
  • Initiating remote wipes of BlackBerry devices.
  • Resetting Enterprise Activation Passwords for devices.

This video shows you how to access MOSBAC and complete common tasks. Two scenarios that are explored in this video are provisioning new users and initiating device wipes. This support video is a great resource for users that may not be familiar with MOSBAC and want to learn more about how to troubleshoot MOSBAC.

Brett Hill

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