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This week in BPOS news is a recurring segment on the Microsoft Online Services Team Blog that covers news from all sectors of Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Online Services business suite known as the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). You can read all past This Week in BPOS News segments here.

Last week we announced the latest addition to Microsoft Online Services with the Health Dashboard. This week in BPOS News we feature two more of the latest additions to Microsoft BPOS; Office Web Apps and more customers.

1. Microsoft: Office Web Apps coming to its hosted business suite


Microsoft Office web apps has 20 million users since its release earlier this year. Office Web apps is the newest addition to Microsoft BPOS which already consists of Microsoft properties including SharePoint, Exchange and Live Meeting. Office web apps allow “you to access and work in familiar Office programs virtually anywhere” and could bring a more robust offering to Microsoft BPOS. Watch this video to learn more about Office Web Apps.

The story from ComputerWorld quotes Microsoft General Manager, Betsy Webb, about this newest BPOS revelation.

"We'll certainly be talking a lot more about Office Web Apps delivered through BPOS as part of future capabilities of BPOS."

Are you excited about Office Web Apps coming to BPOS? How will this increase your productivity and collaboration? Let us know in the comments section.

2. Universities Go Back to School With Live@edu


Earlier this week, we highlighted some of our new customers that are coming aboard Microsoft BPOS. Amongst them are some big companies including DuPont, Godiva and Volvo. (You can read more about the Godiva Chocolatier move to BPOS in this Microsoft Case Study.) One large group of new Microsoft cloud acquisitions comes to us in the form of educational facilities through Live@edu.

Live@edu is a cloud computing resource aimed at universities that include Microsoft products like Microsoft Office Outlook Live and online storage capabilities with SkyDrive to name just a few. Some of the universities that are turning to Microsoft’s Live@edu include several California schools, Washington University in St. Louis, Northern Kentucky University and Aston University in the United Kingdom. You can find out more about why Northern Kentucky University and Aston University in the United Kingdom chose Microsoft over the competition by clicking the links. You can also read about all the universities that recently chose Microsoft in greater detail in this Microsoft News Center press release.

What do you think about Universities moving to the cloud? How would you like to see the cloud used by the schools? Leave a comment below.

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