Tuesday, January 16, 2018

by Brett

Office 365 Service Descriptions Posted

At long last, Microsoft unveiled it branding and details regarding the new wave of online services called Office 365.   The new website launched today has some details, but the treasure trove of details is in the service descriptions that are not yet linked to Office365.com, yet are on Microsoft.com/downloads!
Read these, and be amazed!
First question is “are these available now”, answer is no . These are beta service descriptions. Second question is when will they be available? And you know I can’t say when. However, ask yourself what Microsoft’s typical beta lead for a service or product and that will give you some idea of what to expect. Of course as they in the stock market commercials, past performance is no indicator of the future – even so – it does set a reasonable estimation of what is typical when it comes to Microsoft’s typical beta cycles.
Since I had the pleasure of being involved with the production of these documents, I’ll be adding some commentary to details and answering questions in the forums here and on the Microsoft Online forums.

Brett Hill

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