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I love tools.

Particulalry this kind of tool that can help you when you need it.  Direct from our upper echelon support and migration teams comes the   MOSDAL (Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging) Support Toolkit. Not only does it come with the bits, you there's a detailed training help file you can use that provides guidance on how to  you can view as well. The certainly goes into the "must have" list of tools for BPOS partners and customers that support the services.


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The guys as Messagops have released a script that can notify deskless workers when their BPOS password is about to expire. Since BPOS Deskless workers use OWA rathe rthan Outloook, this is a very hand capability.

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Santa came to town for BPOS during the holidaze and I wanted to update you on a couple of times.

New Portal launched!

My teammate Damon Sununtnasuk worked tirelessly to get the redesigned portal launched over the holidaze. The portal is a one-stop shop for BPOS partners to find out everything they need to know about BPOS and includes marketing, technical, a replica of this blog, discussion board and detail rich Wiki on virtually every aspect of the services. This is a MUST KNOW resource for BPOS partners.

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