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Entries for October 2016

by Brett

Azure is Microsoft cloud service that competes with Amazon’s AWS. Many people first thought Azure could never effectively be a player in this market as Microsoft has not been well known for cloud agility. When Azure was starting, there was a lot of talk about playing catchup. My how a few years changes things. Azure momentum is massive adding ……. And supporting …… The rate of new features and services coming  into Azure is dizzying… Indeed, these days, Microsoft look and acts like a service first  company with ongoing successes win Office 365 and Azure. There is no shortage of new opportunities here as Microsoft rolls deeper support for containers, IoT, and deep analytics – topics you don’t normally associate with Microsoft, but you should. And that’s the biggest part of the problem for Microsoft. They have shown a willingness to risk the very core identity in order to remake themselves into a cloud and service company that also makes software.

by Brett

I didn't know you could do that!

Topic: Publishing a document Library to Outlook 

SharePoint has a boatload of features that are both cool and useful. This is one that has been around for long time but you rarely see or hear about. First, you click on a document library main link in order to surface the Library tab. If you land on a team page that has library, click the library name in order go to the page that is just that library.

Brett Hill

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