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Some new training classes have been posted to the partner learning center for Microsoft Partners that are marketing BPOS. (In other words, if you are not a Microsoft Partner, the content is not accessible).

We will be posting some more technical training in January including a deeper dive on Exchange and SharePoint online!




Overview of Exchange Online can be accessed via MPN/PLC at the following direct recording link:  https://training.partner.microsoft.com/learning/app/management/LMS_ActDetails.aspx?UserMode=0&ActivityId=569860


Overview of SharePoint Online can be accessed via MPN/PLC at the following direct recording link: 



BPOS Compete can be accessed via MPN/PLC at the following direct recording link: 



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Announcing availability of the Business Productivity Online Suite  Administration and Deployment  on the Partner Learning Center


This one day instructor-led course provides students with skills necessary to quickly get an account up and running on BPOS, deploy the sign in tool and administer the services. Designed for IT Professionals, this class is insures that administrators know the core deployment scenarios for each service and includes domain name validation, creating users, accessing and managing each service. While considered an overview class, it is full of useful details  covering the core scenarios for each service.

Course Description

This refactored class includes the latest updates to the services and covers :

·         Subscribing to and Activating Microsoft Online Services

·         Getting Started with the Microsoft Online Administration Center

·         Accessing Business Productivity Online Services

·         E-mail Migration and Active Directory Coexistence

·         Exchange Online Administration and Capabilities

·         Managing and Using Microsoft SharePoint Online

·         Administering Microsoft Office Communications Online

·         Administering Office Live Meeting Standard


Provides a means for Partners to quickly get up to speed on the capabilities of the services and covers the core administration tasks required to manage the services. This class is focused on insuring that students know the main features of each service, how to deploy the sign on tool, validate custom domains, and have an understanding of migration and directory synchronization. At the end of the class students should be able to successfully configure and manage a BPOS account.  Additional training is suggested before undertaking  migration. (See the Migration and Onboarding class on the Partner Learning Center for depth training on migration)



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Announcing availability of the Business Productivity Online Suite Migration and Onboarding Deep Dive class on the Partner Learning Center



This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to identify key technical issues needed to move an organization to Microsoft Online Services. As previously announced, the  course content is also available  as ILT as described below.

Course Description


Day one  - Detailed Presales discovery and migration planning

·         Detailed walkthrough of pre-sales discovery and activity

·         Best practices for a trial account

·         Domain name configuration

·         SharePoint, and Exchange discovery questions

·         Single Sign on tool deployment and workstation preparation


Day two – Migration and Directory Synch deep dive

·         Deep dive into directory synchronization and migration

·         Capacities and limitations of migration tools

·         Using powershell commands to troubleshoot migration

·         3rd party migration scenarios



Provides all the information most commonly needed to successfully plan and execute migration to Business Productivity Online Suite.  Students are guided through a detailed explanation of pre-deployment questions leading to an exploration of our directory synchronization and migration tools. At the end of this class, students will know what they need to ask customers to inform a high quality migration as well as how to execute messaging migration to Exchange Online.


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Jenna Leday is presenting a webcast on Migrating to BPOS on Dec 17th 2009, 11AM PST. Please click here to register.

Jenna is PM on the BPOS team that manages the migration toolkit and powershell commands recently released (see previous blog post). She's the de-facto go-to girl for technical details on migration tool so don't miss this rare opporunity.

· Options for creating users in BPOS

· Maintaining mailflow continuity

· How to define the scope of the data you’re moving

· Post migration steps

Jenna Lyday
Program Manager, Microsoft

The Webinar is Dec 17th 2009, 11AM PST. Please click here to register.


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MessageOps has posted an applicaiton for monitoring Exchange Online. This looks like a useful tool for identyfing latency issues.

Keep an eye on these guys!



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