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by Brett

Imagination is often the most limited resource in cloud computing archictecture and platform application. I ran across this Azure based application called Micosoft TownhallI love this idea. I have no idea of it the application is written well, but I love the idea. You can expect more of this from Microsoft and and Partners.  

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This week we travel around the world to discuss cloud computing. We start by first going to Washington D.C. with Brad Smith, as he talks to the government about the cloud. We then venture to Malaysia where Steve Ballmer discusses the cloud with an emerging economy.

Unlocking the Promise of the Cloud in Government


In this story, Mr. Smith goes to Washington. No, we are not talking about James Stewart. We are looking at Brad Smith, Senior Vice President at Microsoft, as he writes about his personal experience travelling to Washington D.C. to talk about the cloud. Brad discusses how he is “constantly seeing powerful new evidence of the value of cloud computing” which leads him to reflect on recent news about the University of Arizona choosing BPOS and the city of Miami using Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform.

Most of the story focuses on some really interesting points around the government and cloud computing. Mr. Smith discusses examples of potential opportunities and benefits of the government using the cloud, such as security protection. Be sure to check out this great piece from Brad Smith.

Malaysia Is First in Region to Access Full Range of Cloud Computing

For this next story we travel across the globe to Malaysia. Malaysia has become the first emerging economy in the region to gain access to Microsoft Online Services. This article includes many quotes from CEO Steve Ballmer as he discusses the benefits that the cloud platform will bring to Malaysia.

“Truly, Cloud Computing represents the next frontier and has the potential to invigorate Malaysian enterprises and innovation in the years to come."


You can read all about Mr. Ballmer’s trip to Malaysia in this piece by

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One of the most underrated pieces of Microsoft Online Services is the community. Here at Microsoft Online Services we love to hear from users across the world and learn a lot by doing so. We love to listen to your experience with BPOS, or to suggestions on how to improve Microsoft Online Services. For today’s post, we want to hear from users that have developed or discovered tips and tricks while using Microsoft Online Services.

We’ve found a couple tips and tricks already online. There is the BPOS Tutor website that shares tips and tricks in a blog format. There are some great posts including how to create a new resource with Exchange Online. The Microsoft Online Services TechCenter Forums has a Migration and Coexistence tips and tricks section. We love seeing the community helping each other out!

Do you have a shortcut or advice when using BPOS that other users can benefit from? Let us know! Send your tips and tricks to our community mailbox, or leave a comment below. We want to feature your tips and tricks on the Microsoft Online Services blog so that other users can benefit and learn.

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Another organization has picked BPOS, this time it’s the University of Arizona. Over the past few weeks we have mentioned several institutions including the University of Massachusetts making the cloud transition due to security concerns and lack of support surrounding previous cloud providers.

The University of Arizona has 18,000 faculty and staff that needed a better solution to their “replace our antiquated systems.” The University of Arizona Information Technology Services site wrote, “Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) will modernize and revolutionize the way we collaborate and communicate on campus with a robust and feature-rich product.” BPOS will be offered free of charge to all departments and colleges while supporting multiple platforms including PC, Mac and Linux.

image      clip_image003 

The Microsoft News Center covers the story in greater detail here. You can also find a great summary from the Why Microsoft Blog. The University of Arizona has set up a BPOS updates site for anyone interested in the migration status for the University. We look forward to hearing about the BPOS experience from the faculty and staff at the University of Arizona.

What do you think of the University’s decision to use BPOS on campus? How will collaboration improve? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Do you have a BPOS story you would like to share? Remember, Microsoft Online Services wants you to be social.

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This post provides a couple of hints describing how to use your Mac with SharePoint Online and Office Live Meeting which are included in BPOS.

Mac and SharePoint Online

When using your Mac to edit and check-in and check-out documents from SharePoint Online, we recommend that you use Document Connection that comes with the SP2 version of Microsoft Online 2008 for the Mac. These actions are not supported when using Safari to access SharePoint Online.


Important: Be sure to install the SP2 version and the 12.2.3 update for Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac.

Mac and Live Meeting

Microsoft Office Live Meeting provides a web access client that you can use on your Mac. To launch Live Meeting Web Access, click Web Conferencing on the Mac Sign In application. To learn more about using the Live Meeting Web Access client, see Using Live Meeting Web Access.

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