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by Brett

In this webcast, Brett Hill., talks about using the Admin account in the Microsoft Online Services Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The admin account in BPOS takes on special characteristics and sometimes may not behave exactly as you expect. This webcast looks at some of these unexpected scenarios.

You can learn more about the Business Productivity Online Suite with detailed walkthroughs in our How To section.


by host

This week in BPOS news is a recurring segment on the Microsoft Online Services Team Blog that covers news from all sectors of Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Online Services business suite known as the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). You can read all past This Week in BPOS News segments here.

This week we cover three stories that look at Microsoft’s complete cloud story, a company migrating to BPOS and a new tool to help users setup Microsoft Online Services.

1. Microsoft cloud computing & cloud services – So much more than just BPOS

When you hear about Microsoft and the cloud what are the first thoughts in your mind? If you’re anything like me your head turns to the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Eric Ligman, Global Partner Experience Lead at Microsoft, discusses what he thinks about when he hears the phrase “Microsoft’s Cloud.” Eric points out that although the cloud is a relatively new space with ample buzz, Microsoft has been a pioneer in this space for 15 years. He then dives into several different product offerings from Microsoft’s cloud. Eric lists each Microsoft Cloud solution with information about the product and how to get started using it.


This is a great piece about how you can expand your cloud perspective outside of just BPOS. Do you have any thoughts about this post? Contact Eric on twitter or leave a comment below.

2. Coca-Cola Amatil’s journey: Lotus Notes to BPOS

clip_image004Coca-Cola Enterprises has a great relationship with Microsoft BPOS. I wrote a blog post earlier this year about how Coca-Cola Enterprises is using SharePoint and Microsoft Online Services to propel collaboration. Coca-Cola Amatil (the Australian company that bottles and distributes Coca-Cola beverages) is joining Coca-Cola Enterprises’ upgrade in collaboration software and is in the process of migrating over 8,000 employees off Lotus Notes and onto Microsoft BPOS.

“The project kicked off in March and is halfway through, according to technology services manager Steven Meek.”

The featured article from Delimiter documents the process of Coca-Cola Amatil migrating to BPOS. Delimiter takes an in depth look at how Coca-Cola Amatil is implementing the productivity suite including SharePoint and the upcoming “rollout” of Microsoft’s Office Communication Server.

What do you think of this migration? Take a “refreshing” look at how Coca-Cola Amatil is moving to BPOS and be sure to leave a comment below.

3. Microsoft Online Services Setup Accelerator

The Microsoft Online Services Team has released a new tool called the Setup Accelerator. This new setup tool breaks down the barriers of cloud entry with 8 simple questions that lead to a personalized list of instructions to help you configure Microsoft Online Services.

clip_image005 Question 1

This intuitive tool easily guides you trough exploring, piloting and setting up Microsoft’s cloud services. Are there critical questions missing in this tool? Did the tool help you out? Give the Setup Accelerator a try and let us know what you think.

Did you see a story you want to share with us? Let us know what other topics you’d like to see. You can comment on this blog post or send an email to our community mailbox. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

by Brett


by Brett

We have shown you how to have have fun with SharePoint Online with 5 minutes to SharePoint Online Productivity and Creating and using a Slide Library. You can learn more about the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) with detailed walkthroughs in our How To section.

Today’s video comes from Brett Hill. He guides us through using Excel and Access with SharePoint Online.

by host

Last week I showed you how to maximize your Microsoft BPOS potential with three great support videos for the Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization. After installing and configuring the Directory Synchronization tool you will be ready to activate and migrate users to Microsoft Online Services. The support video below provides us with an easy to digest walk through of the activation and migration configuration of Microsoft Online Services.

Check out our other support and how to blog posts here. What support videos would you like to see? You can comment on this blog post or send email to our community mailbox. Follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page and watch more Microsoft Online Services video on YouTube.

Brett Hill

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