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Entries for September 2011

by Brett

I dont have an authoritative source that this came from Microsoft, but it's funny nontheless.

by Brett

Outlook Web Access as provided by Office 365 has a feature called Connected Accounts that makes it easy to import mail from other services. This demonstration shows you how to create a connected account and troubleshoot a common problem when using GMail as the source mailbox. Also, there is a disucssion about how to move a domain name from Gmail to Office 365.

by Brett

Microsoft announced the release of the the Lync client to manufacturing for availability in Oct. 2011. This fills a gap in Office 365 that has kept MAC users from participating having presence, IM, and on line meetings as provided by Office 365. The client will integrate with Lync Server and Lync Online.
There is a note that says "Some features will not be fully functional with Lync Online including Voice options." but details are not provided. Hopefully, this information will be forthcoming.

by Brett

I discovered this feature while looking for a way to have Office 365 send a text message instead of an email alert.  Very easy to setup and not a feature you hear much about, but very useful when you want to be alerted about an event that needs your immediate attention. 

Brett Hill

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