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by Brett

In our latest BPOS technical video, Brett Hill gives us several tips for configuring a BPOS trial account. In this video you will learn how to streamline the BPOS trial process and improve your overall BPOS experience. This session includes advice about selecting the Live ID associated with the account, creating names, domain validation, and best practices.

by Brett

Office 365 Service Descriptions Posted

At long last, Microsoft unveiled it branding and details regarding the new wave of online services called Office 365.   The new website launched today has some details, but the treasure trove of details is in the service descriptions that are not yet linked to, yet are on!
Read these, and be amazed!
First question is “are these available now”, answer is no . These are beta service descriptions. Second question is when will they be available? And you know I can’t say when. However, ask yourself what Microsoft’s typical beta lead for a service or product and that will give you some idea of what to expect. Of course as they in the stock market commercials, past performance is no indicator of the future – even so – it does set a reasonable estimation of what is typical when it comes to Microsoft’s typical beta cycles.
Since I had the pleasure of being involved with the production of these documents, I’ll be adding some commentary to details and answering questions in the forums here and on the Microsoft Online forums.

by Brett

With a multi-faceted service like BPOS, it can be challenging to know where to go for information.  There a lot of resources on line but how do you get started?  Beyond that, where do you go for in depth technical details? In this blog post I wanted to aggregate some key online key online references and learning materials for Business Productivity Online Suite.

Trial Guide

This guide will walk you through how to get a trial account and take BPOS out for spin. By the end of this guided tour, you’ll have good idea how to configure and use key BPOS features.


Help and How-To

Help and how-to written specifically for  BPOS has very useful information  how common tasks such as how to setup a mobile device, manage SharePoint Online site collections,  or lean about what workflows are supported in SharePoint Online


Service Descriptions

The service descriptions are the best reference for official features.  Read these to insure you know the what features are included in the service, where they are available,  as well system limitations and capacities.

In addition, there is a helpful FAQ  located on that has useful information


Technet Webcasts



The mobility page on has key details on using Blackberry devices with Exchange Online as well a link to Microsoft Online Services Mobility Solutions Description whitepaper.



The Security Features in Microsoft Online Services white paper has great information how Microsoft designs security into their data center operations.

Deployment Guides

When you get ready to deploy the services, the deployment page on will  be very useful.  On this page, you’ll find a link to the Microsoft Online Services Deployment Guide which is the best detailed technical document available related to BPOS deployments. You can get you Geek on with this guide which will help you prepare and plan for complex deployments.

Microsoft also makes a series of Infrastructure Planning and Deployment guides that include a guide for evaluating SharePoint online and Exchange Online.  These guides assist you in making an decision about selecting on-premise on online solutions.

TIP: The paper named “Guidance for Microsoft Online Services Multinational Customers” has guidelines for estimating bandwidth for the services as well as advice for measuring network latency to the Microsoft Online data center.


Developer’s Guide

The SharePoint Online Developer’s Guide and Exchange Online Developer’s Guide provide details on what web services you can use to call into SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.  With just a little imagination, you can create some very useful capabilities such as this one by that monitors an Exchange Online mailbox and pushes the content in SharePoint Online list.


SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer 2010 is a free tool that allows you to customize SharePoint sites and works with SharePoint Online as well!


Partner Resources is the one-stop-shop for all Partner information related to BPOS.  In addition, Microsoft Partners can find online training galore at  A partial listing is shown below.



by Brett

As an experienced Live Meeting presenter, Brett Hill of Advaiya Inc. walks you through the features used to produce a real-time Live Meeting event.  Topics are focused on practical tips and tricks including the following:

  • How to create a poll slide
  • How attendees can get your attention even without voice
  • Private chat with presenters
  • The Q&A feature
  • Screen sharing
  • Handouts
  • Annotations
  • And more… 

Brett Hill

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