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by Brett

jon orton article

Jon Orton makes this statement in an interview on  Jon is one of the key individuals responsible for Exchange Online. When you see him associated with an interview or webcast, you are getting close to the source. He’s also responsible for the Exchange Online Service descriptions for both BPOS and Office365.

In this excellent interview, Jon discusses Exchange Online, the Office 365 beta, rich coexistence, and offers the opinion that cloud services does not threaten the jobs of IT Pros.

Exchange 2010 Architecture: Microsoft's Jon Orton Talks About Exchange Online

by Brett

Microsoft has released the first draft of the Office 365 Deployment Guide.  You may know that I’m a big fan of the BPOS Deployment Guide as it is  BY FAR the most technically deep, publicly available information about how you deploy BPOS in enterprise environments (well, I should say in environments where you deal with directory synchronization and have a significant migration project on your hands).

O365_MPDOf course, Office 365 has not yet been released, but work on the Office 365 Deployment Guide is proceeding. This is a draft of the guide and has missing elements and such, but still has some useful information such a list of powershell commands and more. 

The content is located at . Again, this is DRAFT form so don't expect a complete document. After all the services are still in beta.

by Brett

 O365 Learning Paths

Microsoft has released several on line training for Partners on their website.

These courses are the first to appear as a consolidated group and will undoubtedly grow over time.

I’ll add these to the Office 365 Resources page for future reference, but Partners that are looking for the latest and greatest details would be well advised to care about some time to review the content. You must be a Microsoft Partner to view this content.

The classes are (Below is from

Microsoft Office 365 Partner Overview

Explore your opportunity with Microsoft Office 365. Session covers what’s included with Office 365 and pricing and licensing-structure details. (Online, 30 minutes)


Overview of Online and On-Premises Functional Comparison for Microsoft Office 365

Many customers want to know: What’s the difference between on-premises and online offerings found in Office 365? Explore the features and functionality of Office 365 to prepare to answer customer questions. (Online, 30 minutes)


Getting to Microsoft Office 365

Prepare to help transition current Business Productivity Online Suite customers transition to Office 365. Learn about scheduling transitions, Office 365 prerequisites, and Microsoft and customer roles and responsibilities. (Online, 30 minutes)


Microsoft Office 365 Pricing and Licensing and Updated EA

Get details about pricing and licensing for Office 365 to help you close more deals. Includes information about product offerings and SKUs for different customer segments, and provides updates to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to help customers move to the cloud. (Online, 30 minutes

by Brett

The main body of information about Office 365 is at, but Microsoft has been releasing important information in other places.  I’m going to attempt to keep this post updated with useful links as they become available. If you know of any Microsoft originated materials that should be on this list, please post in the comments. Thanks!


Office 365 Online Help

Yes, the beta help files are online! Beta is the keyword here.

Office 365 for Enterprises Data Sheet

Feature summary for each service

Identity and Federation

More to come but this has some useful information

Service Descriptions

These are the best starting place for reliable information about the services.

Exchange Online Beta Service Description

SharePoint Online Beta Service Description

 Lync Online Beta Service Description

Office Professional Plus Beta Service Description

 Office Web Apps Beta Service Description

SharePoint Online Developer Resources

Reliable details about how to develop application for SPO in Office 365

SharePoint Online Developer’ s Resource Site


SharePoint In Depth Overview for Developers

Exchange Online and Outlook

Some great info here that is hard to find on Voice and other Exchange Online related features 

Partner Resources

Resources produced for the Office365 Partners

US Learning Blog – useful webcasts intended for partners. Covers the business and technical aspects of Office365.


Partner Learning Paths for Office 365  -multiple 30 minute presentations on Office 365 just for Partners. Includes an Overview, liscensing, transition, and on premise to online comparison. – main resources for BPOS and Office365 partners

 A Walkthrough of Office 365

 From TechEd Europe

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