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by Brett

Over time, Microsoft has continuously upgraded the size of Office365 stores such as mailbox size and site collections without raising service pricing. That trend continues with the announcement of 1TB of storage for SharePoint Online.

See for details.

by Brett

Here's an interview with the infamous Gary Denvendorf on the Office team at Microsoft. He demos some of the cool stuff in Access that let's you build an application then publish it SharePoint Online!

by Brett

Check out this collection of free SharePoint training resources.

by Brett

I was interviewed for this article in Channel pro Magazine. For some reason, they wanted me to be on the cover!

"Cloud offerings are now part of just about any channel partner’s bag of tricks, and for good reason. Cloud reduces up-front costs for customers, shifting the burden of maintaining the IT infrastructure to the cloud provider. For Microsoft partners, Office 365 is the cloud.

In the two-plus years since the debut of Office 365, channel partners that got in at the beginning have learned a lot about how to sell the cloud-based suite to small and midsize businesses. So without further ado, here are their 15 top tips: "

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by Brett

Microsoft has released a phone app, for windows phones of course, that allows you to do check the status of the services from your phone.

Very handy for admins that get calls about service when out of the office or traveling.

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