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Office 365 Beta Deployment Guide for Enterprises is Released!

by Brett

If you’re tired of the marketing fluff and hungry for technical details about Office 365, the wait is over. This document has the content you need to really kickstart deployment planning. IP addresses, ports, details about federation, limitations, capacities, active directory prep, and more.

UPDATE: A web edition has been published - now available at

Free Instructor Led Training at –

by Brett

I’m delighted to announce that work is proceeding on This site will be delivering super high quality online training on Office 365. There’s a lot to know about these services and there’s no better way to learn that to get high impact, actionable, practical and current information presented in clear, concise language without a lot of marketing hype.

This training will  be informed by my experience working with Office 365, partners and customers since it’s inception inside and outside of Microsoft. Plus, I’ve been teaching and speaking at events since my days as IIS trainer including writing courses for Microsoft, Brainbench, and my own advanced IIS classes. I’m really excited about combining that training experience  with my expertise on Office 365 to produce easy to understand lessons packed with demos and practical advice. These classes are designed for people that need to learn to use the services, not for certification purposes. (I’ve got nothing against certification, just that these classes are very much focused on “how and why” you do things with Office 365 rather than meeting learning objectives created for certification purposes).

The classes are still in development, but you can sign up to be notified when on-demand training is available.

On request training is available now! For a very limited time, I’m offering a free instructor led on-online training session in exchange for a publishable testimonial about the experience. Apply for this very limited opportunity at

Breaking News!:  Microsoft’s Office 365 Community Site Now Open to the Public

by Brett

In a private webcast for MVPs (3/31/2011), Microsoft announced that the community website used to support the private beta is now open to the general public. Anyone with an interest in Office 365 can view the blogs, wikis and forums that have previously been only available to those who have Office 365 beta accounts. The site is jammed with detailed information on how Office 365 works including hard to find information on single sign on, federation and other fast moving content. The forums are monitored by Microsoft support, MVPs and various program managers at Microsoft.

The site was closed to the general public as it required a Microsoft Online id that was issued only to beta participants, but now you can login using an MSN, Live, or Hotmail account. Jim Glynn, who hosted the webcast, said the Microsoft was working on extending the federation to other domains but did not give any timelines.

In addition, MVPs like me are now cleared to begin posting content about the Office 365 beta experience and Office 365 itself. The first installment is below. Expect a lot more information coming your way.

TIP: Take some care with which account you use. My guess is it’s not easy to change after you make the association.

by Brett

Free BES!

Microsoft made asurprise announcement that Blackberry users who now pay $10 a month for Blackberry Enterprise Services with BPOS, will get improved services for Free with BPOS and Office 365. It appears that RIM will now host the services instead of Microsoft. This is big relief for Microsoft I'm sure as they have been hosting BES for a while and it's got to be the odd bird out having BES servers in the Microsoft farm. So a big win for users all around! For more details see


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