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by Brett

I didn't know you could do that!

Topic: Publishing a document Library to Outlook 

SharePoint has a boatload of features that are both cool and useful. This is one that has been around for long time but you rarely see or hear about. First, you click on a document library main link in order to surface the Library tab. If you land on a team page that has library, click the library name in order go to the page that is just that library.

by Brett

I Didn't Know You Could Do That!

Topic: Send an IM to your cell phone from Outlook/Office 365

Aren't there just some messages that you want to know about instantly? The interview is coming through? The phone call from the clinic? The mortgage your applied for? There are lots of time sensitive emails that hit the inbox, but instead of checking your email every 5 seconds, you can have an IM sent to your phone when the message arrives.

This is a very cool, easy to implement feature that you don't hear much about. The trick is, you have to do it from Outlook online and not via the Outlook client, where the features isn't available.

Just login to Outlook online and click the COG (settings) in the upper right of the screen. Then click Mail under Your app settings all the way  to the lower right of the screen. This brings up a  LOT of features you can customize on the left hand menu. Click Inbox and sweep rules.

Now click on the + sign to create a new rule. Enter the criteria for matching the message and under Do All of the Following select Forward, Redirect or Send, and select Send a text message to... Enter the phone number and that's it! Fun stuff!

by Brett

I didn't know you could do that!
Topic: Quick send documents via Skype 4 Business

You're chatting with someone on Skype 4 Business and you want to have them send you a file. So you're thinking "ok, send as an attachment in email", or "share it OneDrive" but nooooo. It's much easier than that - just drag and drop the document into the chat box. Done!
  Documents sent this way are inspected for malware by Microsoft. Certain extensions are not allowed (executables for the most part). 

You download will be on the C: drive in the "My Received Files" folder, but can be modified via Tools->Options->File Sharing.

In addition, the file transfer is encrypted making it a safe choice as well.

Ports 50,400 through 50,059 from the source are used for this kind of transfer which is exactly the same port range used for Application Sharing.

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by Brett

Microsoft announces improvements in Office 365 including advanced DLP, improved security at rest, and other significant enhancements. What I like about these kinds of announcements is that while many are forward looking - they are forward looking. What I mean is that it becomes clear where we are headed and what direction Microsoft is going. Many features will rolled out over 2015, which is the standard operation procedure for Office 365.

by host

Unlimited!? Yes, they went there.

This will not roll out to most till 2015 but still, it shows where we're headed.
Size is not a problem. Now getting content in and out, that's another matter.

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