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by Brett

Free BES!

Microsoft made asurprise announcement that Blackberry users who now pay $10 a month for Blackberry Enterprise Services with BPOS, will get improved services for Free with BPOS and Office 365. It appears that RIM will now host the services instead of Microsoft. This is big relief for Microsoft I'm sure as they have been hosting BES for a while and it's got to be the odd bird out having BES servers in the Microsoft farm. So a big win for users all around! For more details see


by Brett

Technet posted the recording of my recent webcast on BPOS Best Practices.  Several useful tips and explanations in this presentation so hope you can watch. Image is linked to recording. Let me know what else you’d like to see!


by Brett

WikiHats off to the BPOS Partner Team and particularly to Damon Sununtnasuk for winning a gold ITSMA Gold Award for Marketing Excellence. Enabling the Cloud for the Microsoft Partner Channel: Quickstart for Online Services

The site is and Damon has worked long and hard to insure that the latest info is available to Partners who want to ramp up a BPOS practice.

There is also a cool features on this site that most people don’t know about – the “special” wiki. While it looks like a normal wiki, it is anything but. As information about services is constantly being updated, it is hard for Microsoft to figure out how to keep content updated as quickly. So what they did create some authenticated web services that links the quickstartonline wiki to the INTERNAL ONLY wiki hosted on an intranet site and run by the technical product management team. As a result, all that needs to happen for Partners to get the latest updates is for a product manager at Microsoft to update their content, check the Partner box and it gets pushed to for all partners to see. So information flows directly from the PMs to Partners without a lot of layers in between.

The dates on the wiki all show 5/10 so I don’t know if this has been currently functioning, even so, it’s a great idea and I hope it grows into something even more agile.

by Brett

In our latest BPOS technical video, Brett Hill gives us several tips for configuring a BPOS trial account. In this video you will learn how to streamline the BPOS trial process and improve your overall BPOS experience. This session includes advice about selecting the Live ID associated with the account, creating names, domain validation, and best practices.

Brett Hill

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