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by Brett

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A year in the making, Working with Office 365 by Brett Hill, focuses on the Small Business and Professionals Office 365 plan.. After a brief overview of the Office 365 services and solutions, you'll learn:

  • Why this plan is such a great value
  • Plan's limitations to be aware of
  • Important new features to the services that have been released in the last few months

Join us for the informative dicussion on the Office 365 plans and features as well as side by side comparison of the Office 365 Small Business Plan and E plans.

See you at Denver Cloudfest!

by Brett

Denver's Cloudfest is coming up! It looks to be packed with solid information from industry experts and a great way to get close the Rockies in ski season. I'll be presenting on deploying Office 365 for small business. If your coming, drop me a line and we can chat.

OFF 101 - Deploying Office 365 for the Small Business

Brett Hill, MVP - Invited Speaker
In this session, Brett will demonstrate how to deploy Office 365 in a small business environment. This session includes difficult to find information about the differences between the small business plan and the enterprise plans as well as demonstrations of domain validation, desktop deployment and mail migration options. Packed with demonstrations and practical advice, by the end of this session, you'll have a solid understanding of how to quickly get setup with Office 365.

by Brett

When working the Office 365 booth at WPC as I was approached by to do a spontanous talk about Office 365. It's kind a fun so here it is.

Office 365 from eFocus on Vimeo.

“Are You Ready For Office 365?”—Webinar June 8, 2011

by Brett

If you’re anything like me, you receive more online webinar invitations than you can possibly find time for. But you won't want to miss my presentation on  “Are Your Ready for Office 365?”   This is a one-hour webinar providing actionable, practical answers to frequently asked Office 365 questions:

Free Instructor Led Training at –

by Brett

I’m delighted to announce that work is proceeding on This site will be delivering super high quality online training on Office 365. There’s a lot to know about these services and there’s no better way to learn that to get high impact, actionable, practical and current information presented in clear, concise language without a lot of marketing hype.

This training will  be informed by my experience working with Office 365, partners and customers since it’s inception inside and outside of Microsoft. Plus, I’ve been teaching and speaking at events since my days as IIS trainer including writing courses for Microsoft, Brainbench, and my own advanced IIS classes. I’m really excited about combining that training experience  with my expertise on Office 365 to produce easy to understand lessons packed with demos and practical advice. These classes are designed for people that need to learn to use the services, not for certification purposes. (I’ve got nothing against certification, just that these classes are very much focused on “how and why” you do things with Office 365 rather than meeting learning objectives created for certification purposes).

The classes are still in development, but you can sign up to be notified when on-demand training is available.

On request training is available now! For a very limited time, I’m offering a free instructor led on-online training session in exchange for a publishable testimonial about the experience. Apply for this very limited opportunity at

Brett Hill

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