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by Brett

Check out this collection of free SharePoint training resources.

Soultion Alignment and Tecnical Briefing Decks Released to Partners

by Brett

When Microsoft works with a large company, they go through a structured engagement. The engagement model and the materials they use are not generally available outside of Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft released two key parts of this process, the Solution Alignment Workshop and the Technical Briefing. The release is limited to Office 365 Partners.

The Technical Briefing occurs very early in the engagment. This is not a deep dive, but rather, is intended to identify issues that could be problems if they surfaced later. 

There are 8 Technical Briefing decks that cover
1. Agenda
2. Cloud Principles (one of the most important decks, actually)
3. Identity and Dirsynch
4. Exchange Online
5. Lync Online
6. SharePoint Online
7. Office Professional Plus
8. Deployment and Closing

Later in the process, another workshop is presented called the Solution Alignment Workshop (SAW). This two day workshop uses a single 109 slide deck and is a more detailed presentation intended to identify and perhaps resolve specific issues related to Office 365 for the company. Are all the SMTP gateways identified? Is the customer clear on security policy? Do they know that DAV is unavailable? Are they OK that Outlook Web App cannot be customized?

These decks, used extensively by Microsoft, have not been available outside of Microsoft until very recently.  Partners that sell Office 365 can now download the decks at

The decks include some detailed "maps" about the onboarding process for larger companies, complete presentations on Office 365 security, and many other useful details. Partners will want to scrub some of the details to present your own services as more face forward than Microsoft's, but IMO, these are very important resources that all partners should at reference and potentially use. At the very least, it's a great education about the services.

Office 365 Tech Center Online

by Brett

Microsoft has created a new tech center for Office 365 that aggregates training, resources, and other details. This is a serioulsy needed resource that includes links to virtual labs, papers, and other details on topics related to Office 365 deployment including single sign on.

by Brett

Microsoft has announced important updates to Office 365 that have been deployed. Updates include:

  • Office 365 Global Expansion: 22 New Countries
  • Admin self-serve password reset
  • Source of authority transfer
  • Lync client for Mac
  • Mac unified downloads page
  • Official support for OS X Lion added
  • Improvements to the “Add a Domain” experience
  • Client access control improvements
  • Directory Synchronization tool 64-bit support
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Troubleshooting support tool 
  • SharePoint Online access for external users via a Windows Live ID
  • SharePoint Online addition of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) via WCF endpoint
  • SharePoint Online improved ability to recover SharePoint site collections
  • SharePoint Online support for IE 9 and Chrome
  • Office 365 Global Expansion: Brazil
  • Office 365 Global Expansion: New language support
  • Office 365 Global Expansion: Russia and Korea

Be sure to check the post at
for details. I'll be reviewing some of these of the near future starting with the administrator password reset already posted.

by Brett

Office 365 SharePoint Online - Architectural Considerations paper released.

Written by Jereman Thanks of AvePoint and Danny Burlage, CTO of Wortel and Office 365 MVP, this paper has really useful, straigtforward assesements of the capabilites and limiations of SharePoint Online. 

Add it your resources list right away!

Brett Hill

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