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by Brett

Free BES!

Microsoft made asurprise announcement that Blackberry users who now pay $10 a month for Blackberry Enterprise Services with BPOS, will get improved services for Free with BPOS and Office 365. It appears that RIM will now host the services instead of Microsoft. This is big relief for Microsoft I'm sure as they have been hosting BES for a while and it's got to be the odd bird out having BES servers in the Microsoft farm. So a big win for users all around! For more details see


by Brett


There is a good convesation on the BPOS Meet up Group about Exchange Online and encryption. In short, you can get encryption services for as little as $9.40 a month that works with Exchange Online. That allows 5 simultanous users.  That means that if you had 200 users, any 5 of them could be using the services at the same time.

Check out this post:

Susan MelchertAny BPOS customer may purchase a minimum of 5 Encryption services at $9.40 per month. Once BPOS sets it up at MS, anyone in that domain, up to 5 simultaneously, may use the Encryption service. In other words, if there are 100 users in the BPOS domain, any of the 100 users may use encryption because it is based on active (encryption) users, in this case 5. If you or anyone would like to see it in action I can put together a Live Meeting and demo.

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by Brett

Microsoft announced an update to BPOS services that includes a new UI for managing blackberry services.  This update is rolloing out starting July 12th so it should be appearing shortly. You may wonder why they dont have a "date" where the service just appears to everyone at the same time and if not then just skip to the end.

BPOS service updates go through several rounds of releases internally before they are deployed to the data center. Then, updates are rolled through the services until all systems are updated. This process proceeds typically in NA first since it's on the same time zone ad most of the data center support/design/architects so they can respond in case there is a deployment issue. Issues can arise for a freature during deployment that cannot be discovered until you deploy as a worldwide data center environment is not something you can fully replicate in a lab. Usually, by the time an anoucement appers on the Microsoft team blog, there is a high probablity that the update is good to go and should proceed without issue. That is not always the case, but is typically the case.

SO, keep checking for the new blackberry content!


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