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Soultion Alignment and Tecnical Briefing Decks Released to Partners

by Brett

When Microsoft works with a large company, they go through a structured engagement. The engagement model and the materials they use are not generally available outside of Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft released two key parts of this process, the Solution Alignment Workshop and the Technical Briefing. The release is limited to Office 365 Partners.

The Technical Briefing occurs very early in the engagment. This is not a deep dive, but rather, is intended to identify issues that could be problems if they surfaced later. 

There are 8 Technical Briefing decks that cover
1. Agenda
2. Cloud Principles (one of the most important decks, actually)
3. Identity and Dirsynch
4. Exchange Online
5. Lync Online
6. SharePoint Online
7. Office Professional Plus
8. Deployment and Closing

Later in the process, another workshop is presented called the Solution Alignment Workshop (SAW). This two day workshop uses a single 109 slide deck and is a more detailed presentation intended to identify and perhaps resolve specific issues related to Office 365 for the company. Are all the SMTP gateways identified? Is the customer clear on security policy? Do they know that DAV is unavailable? Are they OK that Outlook Web App cannot be customized?

These decks, used extensively by Microsoft, have not been available outside of Microsoft until very recently.  Partners that sell Office 365 can now download the decks at

The decks include some detailed "maps" about the onboarding process for larger companies, complete presentations on Office 365 security, and many other useful details. Partners will want to scrub some of the details to present your own services as more face forward than Microsoft's, but IMO, these are very important resources that all partners should at reference and potentially use. At the very least, it's a great education about the services.

by Brett

When working the Office 365 booth at WPC as I was approached by to do a spontanous talk about Office 365. It's kind a fun so here it is.

Office 365 from eFocus on Vimeo.

1.5 Min Video on SharePoint Online - Nice!

by Brett

Nice video here on how SharePoint Online works with Office and other Office 365 services to support team collaboration. Very quick, visual, and gets the point across.

by Brett

 O365 Learning Paths

Microsoft has released several on line training for Partners on their website.

These courses are the first to appear as a consolidated group and will undoubtedly grow over time.

I’ll add these to the Office 365 Resources page for future reference, but Partners that are looking for the latest and greatest details would be well advised to care about some time to review the content. You must be a Microsoft Partner to view this content.

The classes are (Below is from

Microsoft Office 365 Partner Overview

Explore your opportunity with Microsoft Office 365. Session covers what’s included with Office 365 and pricing and licensing-structure details. (Online, 30 minutes)


Overview of Online and On-Premises Functional Comparison for Microsoft Office 365

Many customers want to know: What’s the difference between on-premises and online offerings found in Office 365? Explore the features and functionality of Office 365 to prepare to answer customer questions. (Online, 30 minutes)


Getting to Microsoft Office 365

Prepare to help transition current Business Productivity Online Suite customers transition to Office 365. Learn about scheduling transitions, Office 365 prerequisites, and Microsoft and customer roles and responsibilities. (Online, 30 minutes)


Microsoft Office 365 Pricing and Licensing and Updated EA

Get details about pricing and licensing for Office 365 to help you close more deals. Includes information about product offerings and SKUs for different customer segments, and provides updates to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to help customers move to the cloud. (Online, 30 minutes

Brett Hill

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