Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Office 365 Grid

by Brett

Microsoft has blogged about SharePoint Online updates that are being updated. Users worldwide have received notifications about updates coming that would cause sites to be breifly into read only mode, but there was no word about what exactly was being added that made these actions necessary.

Here's the list from  http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/blog/Pages/BlogPost.aspx?pID=1004

  • SharePoint Online was initially scoped to scale to customers with fewer than 20,000 Active Directory entries (specifically user objects). This service update allows customers with up to 500,000 user objects to provision SharePoint Online
  • Enterprise customers can now restore full site collections, in addition to sites, documents, lists, and list items.

Note: read between the lines here: This is classic Microspeak. They are pointing out, by omission, that the P1 plan will not have this feature.

  • external users can now use their business email address to authenticate when invited into an Office 365 customer's site collection

Note: The email address must be associated with a Live ID. However, it does not have to be hotmail or live account. This is a very nice update

  • PDF files will now open directly into Adobe Reader without requiring that it be downloaded first. The PDF remains connected and stored in your SharePoint Online document library as you view and edit the file. You can even check it out like other Office documents.

Once again, Microsoft shows they are moving to add value to the services and close feature gaps. There are more updates to come!

Office 365 Tech Center Online

by Brett

Microsoft has created a new tech center for Office 365 that aggregates training, resources, and other details. This is a serioulsy needed resource that includes links to virtual labs, papers, and other details on topics related to Office 365 deployment including single sign on.

MVP 2012 !

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by Brett

Great way to start the new year. Microsoft awarded me MVP for Office 365 for 2012.  Planning on Office365training.com launch this month and the book to be published in Feb or March. Nice Q1!

Lync Mobile released!

by Brett

Lync Mobile has been released. For those with Windows 7 phones and Office 365, this is big fun. It was downloadable on my phone by simply browsing to Apps.

And thanks to John at Agile IT for this:
Some changes to get this to work in DNS. Create a CName entries for your Office 365 domain:

lyncdiscover CNAME webdir.online.lync.com

You can find out more about the network and DNS requirements of Lync here:

Of course, if your an Agile IT customer, we take care of all of this for you. Find out more at

by Brett

Microsoft has announced important updates to Office 365 that have been deployed. Updates include:

  • Office 365 Global Expansion: 22 New Countries
  • Admin self-serve password reset
  • Source of authority transfer
  • Lync client for Mac
  • Mac unified downloads page
  • Official support for OS X Lion added
  • Improvements to the “Add a Domain” experience
  • Client access control improvements
  • Directory Synchronization tool 64-bit support
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Troubleshooting support tool 
  • SharePoint Online access for external users via a Windows Live ID
  • SharePoint Online addition of Business Connectivity Services (BCS) via WCF endpoint
  • SharePoint Online improved ability to recover SharePoint site collections
  • SharePoint Online support for IE 9 and Chrome
  • Office 365 Global Expansion: Brazil
  • Office 365 Global Expansion: New language support
  • Office 365 Global Expansion: Russia and Korea

Be sure to check the post at
for details. I'll be reviewing some of these of the near future starting with the administrator password reset already posted.

Brett Hill

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