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HI there.

Recently I took a position with Advaiya as Lead BPOS PM where I'll be working on BPOS related projects and content. That means the end of the line for my posting here at Bpostive :) .

You can pick up the thread at my new blogging location BrettBlog.com.I will be actively blogging there and adding a lot of new content so stay tuned for some fun! You can email me at brett.hill{at}advaiya.com

Thanks for all my readers out there, I think I met both of you a couple of times.



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Now, when you add  a new user in the administration center for BPOS,  they will 25GB mailbox assigned by default (assuming you are assigning a mailbox to the user)


Previously, this was 5GB per user. This 5x increase for FREE.

Microsoft is always making the services bigger and better while keeping the costs waaay down. In fact the price recently dropped for BPOS to only $10 a seat. That's not a typo. I mean, just consider Live Meeting Standard which you get with the suite. You can invite 250 (as in two hundred and fifty) non-BPOS users to any meeting, doing voice and video (where allowed). TEN BUCKS a month including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Communications Online. You gotta love that.


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A new guide to deploying Microsoft Online has been published and is avaiable on the Partner Portal.

The guide covers planning considerations and provides specific deployment guideance and use of the directory synchronization and migration tools. It should go on your list of technical references for BPOS and read before you plan your migration. If you want a training class on the topic, see the technical links blog post to online training that covers these topics in detail.



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Hey for some reason I was asked to be one of the hosts at a couple of online chats coming up.

These are open to the public so if you have questions about Microsoft's cloud stratgey, BPOS, or just want to hang out, come on down.









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I'm always sending links to people about what training and content is avialable so thought it might be useful to put this all together in a single place.
Send me updates you think should be there and I'll add them.


Quick- Reference
Technical Resources for BPOS-Standard


Getting ramped up on BPOS-S? Already know the services but want more depth? Looking for way to stay up to date about updates to the services? This list is designed to help get started, get deeper, and stay current.  These are my picks for the best technical references and resources.


Some content is available to everyone and some is accessible on the Partner Learning Center or https://www.QuickstartOnlineservices.com – our partner portal for BPOS.  PARTNERS – quickstartonlineservices.com is THE PLACE to go for depth marketing and technical content.  

Category 1:  Must read and keep on a USB key.


In other words, this is core content that you cannot be without. You will constantly refer back to it and it needs to be refreshed every month.


Service Descriptions and white papers


·         Exchange Online Standard

·         SharePoint Online Standard

·         Office Communications Online Standard

·         Blackberry and Mobile Details

Category 2:  Must read, subscribe and check when updated

....... For the rest see : http://blogs.technet.com/bpositive/pages/quick-reference-for-bpos-s-technical-content.aspx

Brett Hill

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