Friday, April 20, 2018

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by Brett

I don't know where the BPOS Partners in the Puget Sound area were Thurs night but they should have been at the Parlour at Lincoln Square for free food, drinks, and shmoozing with the BPOS engineering team.

This is the 2nd Meetup hosted by the BPOS engineering team and there are some really remarkable things to take note of. First, this is reach out to the general community is from Engineering, not Marketing. That's notable for a number of reasons the most notable being that the Microsoft personnel who show up are the people are impact the services themselves. For example Arvind Suthar was there and he’s deeply involved with prioritizing what features will be released in the services. If you want to voice a complaint, compliment, or just shoot the breeze with these guys, here’s a regular chance to do so.
I was really impressed with Dharmesh Singh who is driving these community outreach programs. We were talking about the business aspects of one company working for another company and he said “in the end, it’s about the personal person-tooperson relationship.” Which is absolutely true.
Technology is about nothing if it’s not about people, and the personal relationship is what drives it all. They say most big business deals are done while playing Golf for example. Powerhsell came into being because of a chance encounter of two people in a parking garage at Microsoft. When you select a vendor, hire someone or decide to take a job, how often is it about the "the deal" and how much it about how you feel about the person or people involved.
As an aside, I'm on of those guys athat ranks way high on the Intuitive scale of Meyers-Briggs. When I was at a Microsoft and the product team would change a feature that had been in the product for years, but suddntly would start to work a differnt way I was the only guy in the room that would say "but how are the customer's going to feel about that?. If that changes, what else has changed they dont know about? Part of having software that people really like is if they feel solid about how it works and dont have to wonder if about updates changing features they rely on".
How does this relate to the Meet up? Well,  on one hand you have Microsoft showing up. Creating an event and opportunity. That's one half PERSONAL side of the equation. The other half is you.

If you’re in the Puget Sound area, you should come on down. If you’re not in that area, check into the Meet Up page and talk to Jim Glynn there about how Microsoft will help you create a Meet up in your area.
I think it’s great to see Microsoft using these tools and services to reach out. If you want to see Microsoft do more of this kind of thing, let them know by showing up or dropping them a message.

Brett Hill

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